Friday, March 14, 2008

Everyone is a winner contest

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MindBlogger is running his second contest. There's no doubt a lot of contests being run this month. I will be joining a few more, in the hope of grabbing something big out of the contest craze right now. Now, back to MindBlogger's contest, he doesn't promise everyone a prize, but there will be at least 10 winners with various prizes being offered, so in my opinion it is almost like everyone is a winner. I like this kind of contest, because more people have a chance of winning something (a little consolation prize is better than nothing to show for your efforts, right?).

OK, the real name of the contest is "1650 ECs + a FREE Blog Header + 12 Free Ads" Contest. Too long in my opinion, but good description and great prizes! Here are the prizes on offer:
  • 1st Place: 1000 entrecard credits + a FREE customized blog header + a FREE 125×125 ad on MindBlogger for one week + a FREE Text Link Ad on MindBlogger for one month
  • 2nd Place: 200 entrecard credits + a FREE 125×125 ad on MindBlogger for one week + a Text Link Ad on MindBlogger for one month
  • 3rd Place: 100 entrecard credits + a Text Link Ad on MindBlogger for one month! Wait..

It doesn’t stop there! From 4th place to 10th Place, 7 lucky bloggers will win a FREE Text Link Ad for one month each, and 50 entrecard credits each!

So it sums up to 1650 ECs, a FREE customized blog header and 12 FREE Ads! In addition to that, every blogger entering the contest and earning more than 6 entries will get a permanent linkback from the follow-up post(s) MindBlogger does about this contest.

The prize I am really looking forward to winning is of course the first prize, because I would like to have a customized header (I have a poor designing skills, you may say :D ). You have to be a blogger and own a blog to join this contest. The ways to join are pretty standard, stumbling, digging the contest post, subscribe to MindBlogger via RSS or email, add him to your Technorati favorites and blogging about the contest like I am doing right now. One last thing, if you are interested to join, please take note that the closing date is 18th of March at 1200H (GMT). I really have a knack for joining contests only at the eleventh hour, I know :)

So good luck to everyone who joins this contest and for more information about this contest, visit the link below:

"1650 ECs + a FREE Blog Header + 12 Free Ads" Contest
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