Sunday, March 09, 2008

Grateful yet hungry for more


My dear friends, kindly allow me to veer off topic here. This month has been really incredible for me thus far! First I won 3500 entrecard credits, then just yesterday I got rewarded with $20 via PayPal by responding to Scott's $20 blogging challenge. I thank this opportunity to thank Scott Wainner for his generosity. Yes, I am grateful to be so well rewarded, yet I am hungry for even more.

I will continue to enter a few more worthwhile contests and try to improve this blog further with the winnings (hope luck will still be with me :D). Anyway, as of right now, I am also in position to win another 1000 entrecard credits. See the Garfield picture up there? Yeah I drew it and used it to participate in a Draw Your Favorite Cartoons Contest. It really does reflect my feelings right now. Unfortunately, there are only 2 competitors in this contest including me, so I am in with a real chance to win the credits. Hopefully you will follow the above link and vote for my entry if and only if you think my drawing is better than the other competitor's because I believe in honest competition! The voting for the better entry is due to end tommorow, 10th March 2008. So come on, the more votes, the better. For anyone who so much as visited that link, I thank you for your time :)

Lastly, I'll like to say that I have great plans for this blog and they will be implemented as soon as possible, probably more and better articles, more customizations, more user-friendly and more rewarding for the visitors and readers, yes you. You might have noticed me using the selective expandable post blogger hack, this is only the first of many customizations I am going to implement. Hope you like the new organizations better. If this blog is useful to you in any way, I sincerely hope that you will consider participating actively in this blog's activity and subscribing to my RSS feed or email subscription. Thanks and see you again soon!

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Shanker Bakshi said...

Good to see you are doing "FUN"tastic bobby. Keep Rocking Blogsphere. and yeah all the best for that garfield stuff

niharika said...

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Jayce said...

I still have no time to look into it. What is it all about?

lankapo said...

I just vote you for your garfield, hope you will win :)

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