Sunday, February 08, 2009

NeoBux - Finally A Quick Paying PTC Site?

Would like to bring you a good news. I just got paid last night by NeoBux, a Paid To Click (PTC) site with good reputation.

The amount I got paid is pathetic, to be really honest and accurate - $1.98, the original amount was $2.02 but $0.04 was deducted as payment fee or something, whatever.

I have been using this PTC site since October 2008, the total amount I have earned is $3.02 but some money was lost and unaccounted for because I become an inactive member for more than 30 days and my account was suspended around November or so.

Just for your information, my earning is so low because I have zero referral. Everybody knows that to make decent money from PTC sites, you have to have at least a few hardworking referrals. I have been told by friend with good intention that I am never going to be rich using and promoting PTC and other programmes with MLM commission schemes, which I totally agree.

I did not expect to be rich and this probably explains why I have zero referral after 5 months. The main reason why I keep on clicking days after day is partly just for fun and to see if any of these PTC sites actually pay. Besides, I don't wish to refer anyone until I am sure the service actually pays its members.

Just early this year, I have heard some good things about NeoBux mainly in MyLot discusssion which I have just joined. You would be surprised to hear almost complete positive reviews regarding this service, I can finally see why after renting referrals from them, receiving payment from them and visiting their forum, which was my first time in my 5 months with them.

The referral that you rent from NeoBux are mostly active members, as inactive users would lose their money in their account, I think this is a good policy by NeoBux, there is no point having members who don't click in PTC sites. The referrals are delivered immediately, you can profit from their activities within 24 hours, the same with its payout, the minimum payout is only $2 and is processed immediately. To compare, I have heard of users who are still waiting for their payments even after 6 months!

I have said what I wanted to say regarding NeoBux. If anyone asks me if there is a good PTC site to join, both my hands and legs are up for NeoBux. As I have mentioned, I still maintain that you would not get rich through PTC, even if you are using several sites as reliable as PTC but you can most definitely make decent money from it - I saw someone in NeoBux forum with proof of his latest $600 payment. Again, you reap what you sow, the harder you work at promoting it, you will get higher earnings, fair and square.

Lastly, although I don't expect to get rich through PTC, I certainly could use some help to make more pocket money, especially by doing something as simple as clicking and browsing through certain webpages. If you appreciate me sharing this piece of news about NeoBux with you and would want to make your time online a little more worthwhile by earning some pocket change, do sign up with NeoBux as my referral (click on the button below will do). Thank you and may you earn some decent money with NeoBux!

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austenfan said...

i'm using neobux and i've made around $0.35. still a long way to go. haha.

BobbyT said...

Congratulations and keep clicking, without fail. However it is more important to refer more people. Hope you will be able to earn a small fortune soon.

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