Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PC Fair III 2008

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Have not been to a PC Fair in such a long time, I believe my last one was 2-3 years ago. Going to the one held in KL Convention Centre was also my first PC Fair in that venue.

I wish I have some photos of the ancient PC Fairs held in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) to include here so that we can compare the conditions then and now. I must say that the choice of KL Convention Centre is much better than PWTC, location wise and condition wise. There were a few times in the past, when PC Fairs were held in PWTC, the exhibition halls have to be separated through an outdoor bridge.

Besides, it is simply easier to breath and walk in KL Convention Centre, the booths are well-spaced and getting from one exhibition halls to another is rather convenient.

Another major difference between old PC Fairs and the recent ones are the goods for sale, among some items hardly found in the past are PDAs and smartphones (HTC anyone?), Mini Notebook (I think I need a separate post to talk about mini notebooks and their popularity) and broadband internet packages.

By the way, there is this new broadband internet newcomer that is getting *most* of the attention in the recent PC Fair III 2008. Yes, it is none other than P1 W1MAX and their cash chamber (sound like Harry Potter and The Secret Chamber?).

There were so many people queuing up to enquire about the available subscription packages that from 5-10m away, you could hardly identify the P1 booth. Of course, in crowded places and events like this, you have to improvise, look for visual cues, easily identifiable objects, people or sign boards put up high above the booth, etc.

With the on stage cash chamber, it did not take long to know that this is P1 booth. I have a friend who has signed up for P1 W1MAX service in this PC Fair but I don't know if he went into the cash chamber.

Seriously, if he did not go into the cash chamber, I am going to smack my friend on the head because I heard that there was a lucky subscriber who managed to walk away with RM1000 from the cash chamber.

If there is anyone wondering, no, those are not RM1 notes, it is simply printed papers.

Of course, there are also other visual cues available but not everyone could spot them.

Could you spot those not so obvious visual cues? Yes, I forgot to mention that PC Fair also happens to be a good place for us to take photographs of gorgeous beauties. By the way, the girl is *so cute*!

Can't wait for the next PC Fair in 2009. I bet there will be many new items and gadgets next year, better start saving now.
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