Sunday, March 02, 2008

I won my first blogging contest

Wow, yesterday was an unbelievable day for me! I managed to win 3500 entrecard credits from Marko's contest. Unfortunately I could not include a screenshot of the credits transfer, but I confirm here that I have received the credits and would like to take this opportunity to thank Marko, not only for this contest but also for his kind friendship. Guess what? Marko is only 13 years old, but he knows blogging like the back of his hand, you should visit him to gain more blogging tips, I even subscribed to his feed.

So, besides thanking Marko, the main reason for this post, is to ask for your suggestions as to how should I spend the 3500 entrecard credits which I have won? Should I spend them to advertise on popular blogs? Should I organize my own contest with these credits? Or should I sell the credits for money via Paypal, or just keep them until I have a great plan? What is your suggestions and your advice? I would like to hear from you. You know want your views known here. Please do, please do!

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Nadz|MindBlogger - Turning blogs into superweapons said...

Congratulations to you Bobby!

Here's an idea.. Why don't you take some of that credits and host your own entrecard contest? Of course that's just an idea.. Then again, did you know that the value of the entrecard in marketplace is going down by the day? So if you're planning to sell it, you better hurry.. Good luck with it:)


Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

Hey, congratz man!

Too bad everyone, and I mean, EVERYONE has Entrecard credits to give away in contests.

Oh, and there's more and more teens coming up in this blogging world and making money. Don't let them take over completely!


Anna said...

Congratulations on winning. I know you must have been stoked. I too will be holding a contest in the next few weeks, so check back with me. God bless.

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