Saturday, February 09, 2008

Opportunities & Thoughts

Sorry for not posting for several days, going to post this to tell visitors that I am not dead, just doing some background blog promotion stuffs, thinking, contemplating and taking up some opportunities.

Firstly, I have joined an email advertising programme called Take the Internet Back (TIB). I think it is the easiest way to make money (if it is not a scam!), you just have to read daily advertising emails sent to you (each email takes up to maximum of about 12-18 seconds) to earn points. A word of caution though, the point awarded does not directly convert to a fix monetary value, it just denotes the value of your ownership of TIB and you will receive money according to the proportion of your ownership. I personally will continue to participate in the programme with long-term benefits in mind, I don't expect to be able to have my first pay-out until 3-4 months later at the very least. The minimum payout is $20 with the condition that you have to have a minimum of 2 active downlines, on registration you are awarded a bonus $10 and after reading for 6 months, you will earn a membership for life title.

Interested? Read more by clicking on the following banner and if you are really keen, you can sign up as my downline (I can promise to my downline that I will help in setting up of a Blogger blog and technical stuffs like placement of ads in their blog).

Opt-in Email Advertising & Marketing

Secondly, I know that my blog is unsightly at this moment although I have done so much customizations in a few days' time. I am thinking of using a much better template, perhaps one with 3 columns, especially looking forward to removing the clutter in the sidebars. If there is any more experienced blogger out there who thinks that my article have a chance of making it big, and is willing to help, kindly allow me to contact you (by leaving a comment or your contact details in the tag board). I need so much advise regarding template, design, content, site promotion and general direction of a blog. Thanks for the trouble.

Thirdly, I am thinking of doing guest post on other more popular blogs, it will probably help to establish myself as an upcoming blogger and also drive more traffic to this blog. So been doing some thinking to come up with appropriate topics as well as which popular blogs to co-operate with. Other blogs which would like to have a guest post on a certain topic can also try to contact me (of course you can decide whether to accept or not after reading my post, to ascertain the quality). Thanks again.
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Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

Hey, thanks for commenting and Stumbling... I have a question though, how come you're not part of

Just figured I'd mention it so you could potentially get more traffic...


Shanker Bakshi said...

You write some very interesting article no doubt about it. But I personally advise you to

1. Purchase a domain name
2. Install Wordpress Software on it.
3. Start rocking the blogosphere.

It’s very easy and moreover you will have all control on your theme and contents. Blogging with blogger is always risky.

If you think how about the many article you have posted here , then I want to tell you that you can very easily export all your post from here to your own WORDPRESS installed domain name.

SO start thinking about it right now.

BobbyT said...

@Jay: thanks a lot for the tip about entrecard, loving every minute since I joined and used it.

@shanker: yeah I will consider gettiny my own domain and using wordpress, but my policy for now is not to spend money online until I have actually earned it hehe.

so people who actually like my article, can help me by checking out the affiliate programmes that I have joined or even better, contact me for donation enquiries, any small amount will definitely help. Thanks!

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