Thursday, January 07, 2010

Get .INFO domains for as low as .49$ each from GoDaddy

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This information is time sensitive, the coupon code will expire and will not work beyond the deadline. However, it is a common practice for GoDaddy to recycle their coupon codes. Who knows, the promotion may be available again after a period of time, pray someone would alert me then.

From now until Jan 10, you will be able to purchase .INFO domains for as low as .49$ (including ICANN fee) each, PROVIDED you register a minimum of 5 domains simultaneously. Even if you have no need for so many domains at once, think of something. You can register some for your friends, give them away, sell them or donate them.

.INFO domain has traditionally been among the cheapest to register but the renewal fee (for subsequent year) is not much cheaper than other domains. Such domain has its advantages and disadvantages. A man's meat may be another's poison, so consider your options and priorities and choose the best for yourself.

The coupon code to use for this promotion:

This coupon code also gives you free domain name privacy protection for a year (which is normally priced at $8.99 per year per domain at GoDaddy). Just remember to opt them out when you renew the domains to avoid paying more than is necessary, especially if you have no specific need for privacy protection.

There are also other coupon codes available such as domain renewal discount, bulk purchase discount, hosting purchase discount, etc. If you need them, do get in contact with me.

P.S. I myself have purchased 7 .INFO domains this morning, the total came to 7 x .49$ = $3.43 (which is about the usual cost of registering 1 .INFO domain).
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